crafting a new brand for hr professionals

Discover Make HR Work, a remarkable brand that has created an online experience that perfectly reflects their identity.

For the remarkable Make HR Work brand, we've created an online experience that perfectly mirrors their brand essence. We've accomplished this by incorporating subtle micro-animations and bringing the brand's illustrations to life. Dive into this platform, brimming with inspiring articles and tools ready for immediate use by HR professionals in the construction industry. Behind this website, you'll discover a complete community network designed to enrich connections among HR professionals.

As part of the Make HR Work brand, we've developed an array of illustrations that capture the distinctive moments of HR professionals. These illustrations have become a fundamental element of the brand identity and will prominently feature across various brand assets.

We take immense pride in the brand identity we've fashioned for Make HR Work. The journey of uncovering their core values and translating them into an exceptional, daring identity was an exhilarating adventure. We've triumphed in making this brand shine brilliantly in the HR realm, precisely as intended. We're eagerly anticipating the ongoing rollout of this brand.




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