rebranding KKF

Ever wondered why kitchens are so expensive? Easy: too many people are involved, too many people need to be paid. That's why KeukenKastenFabriek does things differently: they deliver directly from their own factory, so they only have to deal with their own people. In the end, there are no promotions or discounts, only a fixed lowest price for all products. So yes, quality is the only thing you pay for...

Speaking of quality, we were tasked with designing and shaping their complete online experience. The first step? Refreshing their corporate identity. To do this, we used the two main features that we believe typify a modern kitchen: minimalist shapes and clean lines. This resulted in a timeless logo that symbolizes the products of KeukenKastenFabriek and sets them up for a minimalist and sleek future... So remember: it's all happening in the kitchen!



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