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Dream assignment… Whether we want to build a new furniture brand that sources its collection from Indonesia. Join us on a journey to Indonesia, get to know our working methods, and learn more about Nyawa's story.

Together with the client, we started working on creating a complete brand story. We gathered this story through a brand workshop with the Nyawa team. During such a session, we connect strategy with creativity in the most effective way. The Nyawa team engaged in branding exercises during the workshop, seeking the unique selling points of the new furniture brand.

A furniture brand is more than just about taste; it's about conveying a feeling. A feeling that a lot of attention has been given to design, production, and the living environment. From this foundation, we laid the groundwork for this new brand.


The brand story we have written for Nyawa is filled with emotion. We want to convey a brand feeling in which Indonesia takes the lead. When you read this, allow yourself to drift away and embrace the feeling of tranquility.

Coastlines one can only dream off. Wild rugged mountains. The breathtaking green inlands of Indonesia...

Our source of inspiration to tell you stories of this land full of sultry summer evenings and tropical rain showers. A land where the sound of nature embraces you. A land that brings us the most sustainable and natural materials. A land that allows us to create handmade furniture with attention to every detail. Inspired by nature and the soul of our craftsmen. This is how our collections come to live.

The craftsmanship and responsible use of the artisans' living environment play a crucial role in the brand. We have encapsulated this in three paragraphs:

Pure craftsmanship and quality are woven into our designs and make them unique. Watch them come to life and tell you stories packed with love and passion the Indonesian locals carry.

Responsible usage is our focus. Whether by recycling materials or creating optimal working conditions for our craftsmen. A better world starts with ourselves and sustainability is the starting point for every design we create.

With the beauty of the coast inwards to the green rice fields as our source of inspiration we bring you the feeling of coming home to nature. Unique pieces filled with stories of honest materials from nature with recognizable structures and soft earthy tones.

To conclude the story, we aim to transport you back to the captivating environment of Indonesia:

So dream away at the feeling of simplicity and freedom with a view over the ocean. Enjoy characteristic, unique pieces created with pure craftsmanship and love from Indonesia at your home.

Nyawa, packed with stories

This brand story served as the foundation for everything that followed: the name, logo, tagline, visual language, motion, and all brand communications. Everything aligns perfectly with this story.

Speaking of the name... a brand name should not only fit your brand and its values but also evoke a feeling. In our search for a name for this new brand, we quickly narrowed it down from a long list to a shortlist, and two favorites remained. Nyawa remained on the list and became the name of the brand. Nyawa means "soul" in Javanese. It originates directly from the brand story, making it a perfect fit.

The brand story naturally comes to life through moving images. As you read the story, you may already envision the stunning coastlines and green rice fields of Indonesia. We wanted to bring this feeling to life in a cinematic way, and we truly made it happen in Indonesia. Our friends from koencinema in Indonesia took charge of directing, and in collaboration with UNCOMMON, they created a brand storyboard. They captured it perfectly on film. It was an intensive but incredible collaboration conducted remotely between the Netherlands and Indonesia.

A location brimming with stories

The tagline "packed with stories" plays a crucial role in the tone of voice and visual representation of the brand. By making the local heroes who create the pieces an integral part of the identity, we incorporate the GPS coordinates of the artisans' living environment into the brand's communication. As if the story of each furniture piece originates from that location. In this way, we pay tribute to the living environment of our local heroes.

The coordinates are placed in product descriptions, the brand store, brochures, or price tags in the store. The living environment, a kind of depth map, visually appears in the brand's design language.

Visual language

Photography conveys the brand story and sets a pleasant atmosphere. It is a crucial component of Nyawa's identity. The mood images and showcasing the craftsmanship from Indonesia were derived from the footage captured for this brand story.

For the collection photography, we aimed to evoke a warm feeling in the setting, with the sun playing a leading role through warm light and shadow effects. Together with photographer Melvin Winkeler and the Nyawa team, we created various settings where the product visual language originated.

E-commerce experience

A brand feeling is partially conveyed by showcasing all brand points in a perfect manner. While conversion plays an important role in an online shop, it's especially significant for Nyawa to evoke that feeling of drifting away...

Nyawa presents their collection online in a clear and sleek manner, while remaining in line with the brand. Visitors can explore every detail of the product and easily complete their purchase online. The brand story also plays a significant role on the experience page of the webshop and is hard to miss. We want visitors to be taken on an inspiring journey through Nyawa's story as they scroll.

Augment reality

In the past, interaction with furniture started physically, but nowadays, it increasingly happens online.

At, we bring these two worlds together through augmented reality techniques. We built a functionality into the website for this online flagship store, allowing these products to come to life in the consumer's living room through augmented reality. Our 3D specialist, Alex, breathed digital life into these pieces, and we implemented this feature in the webshop, making it easy for you to view the product on your mobile device with just a few clicks on your desktop.

The start of a new brand!

The foundation has been laid for this new brand, and we are gradually and thoughtfully rolling out the further strategy. Just like the brand video, we had a product video created and set up a product mini-page on the Nyawa website.

Building a brand!!

I hope you have been inspired by this case. And if you have a great story, fantastic! We will bring that story to life: through design & digital technology, leading to branding that stimulates, resonates, and connects…

We dig branding!

I want to thank the Nyawa team for placing their trust in us during the development of this new brand.

Sander Rohrink



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